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University Package Online Registration and Renewal Form

Welcome! Universities can complete the registration form on this page to register for a new contract, establish an additional Department contract, or to renew an existing contract. For renewals, this completed online contract will replace all previous contracts.  After submission of this form, your information will be reviewed and processed.

The Spatial University Package

The Spatial University Package includes the following components:
  • CGM Core Modeler
  • 3D Precise Mesh
  • HOOPS Visualize
  • Evaluation Support as described in the Terms and Conditions
(1) All products/updates are available via download from Spatial's Web site.
(2) The Licensed Programs are subject to change at Spatial's sole discretion.
(3) This is a Department-wide license for an unlimited number of seats/users for all supported platforms.

Optional Products and Services

  • 3D InterOp Products, from Spatial, are not available via a Universtity Agreement. If you are interested in the 3D InterOp Products, they are available to evaluate and purchase according to the terms, conditions and pricing established for our OEM Partner Program. Sign up for InterOp evaluation on this page.

The new online contract consists of three sections: (A) Registration Form, (B) Survey for Spatial and the third section which includes (C) the University Terms and Conditions PDF

Please continue on and complete all required fields, read the PDF carefully and finalize your contract by clicking the "Yes, I accept" button on the third page.

(A) Registration Form

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